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Retrofit is the construction of a sloped framing system with metal roofing over an existing flat roof. The benefit of retrofitting an old flat roof is so when rain and snow fall upon the roof, the newly sloped frame will discharge the rain and snow to the outer boundaries of the building.

Due to this strategy, the building owner can gain greater reliability and years out of their roof.

Specifications and benefits can include:

• Economical no tear off required
• 22, 24, 26, 29 gauge Galvanized or Galvalume coated steel, either painted or unpainted.
• Concealed fastener or exposed fastener systems for roof
• 1 piece panel lengths
• Kynar 500 Architectural paint finishes. 30+ colors
• Light weight roof systems
• Energy efficiency with solar reflection.
• 16 gauge metal framing or wood framing depending on situation.
• Eliminate ponding water
• Roof cycle is more than doubled. 40+ yrs. compared to maybe 20yrs.
• Sloped roof will always outperform flat roof
• Hide mechanical equipment on flat roof.
• Add insulation in space between old and new roof.
• Sloped roof applications always outperform a flat roof

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