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We have worked with countless cedar bundles from many mills over a 30+ year period. The links we have provided are what we believe to be one of the best cedar roofing producers in the industry.

Handsplit & Resawn Shake

These are the most common cedar roofs seen. They are formed by splitting a blank cedar block then sawing the split part in half. Rugged good looks. These are available in several types of thickness ranging from 1/2" to as much as 2". Mediums - Heavies and Jumbos are the trade names for each thickness. Cedar is prized for its natural beauty and durability in tough climate conditions.
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Tapersawn Shake

Tapersawn cedar shakes are a hybrid of shingles and split shakes. Like a shingle, both faces are sawn, as are the edges, giving the tapersawn a uniform appearance. Thicker than shingles, the tapersawn shake has a heavier shadow line on the roof. These are found in several types of thickness ranging from 5/8" to over an 1" thick.
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Cedar Shingles

'Refined Beauty' best describes the Cedar Shingle. Western Red Cedar Shingles are sawn wood tiles for use on roofs and walls. They come in three sizes - 16",18" and 24" and each size has their own trade name. 16" shingles are called "Five X" (5X), 18" are "Perfections" and 24" are known as "Royals".  These terms have been used for over 100 years.
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